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just draw already!

As a working artist, sometimes it is hard to find the time to create art.

Sometimes I am so busy with life that I just can't get anything done. I did draw a couple things but not my Day 5 challenge. So it is obviously a challenge to just draw consistently this challenge plan of 30 days. Like Really? Come on! I get frustrated, but I am a wife and mother. I work two jobs and it is hard. But I will finish what I started! I will...

“I need more time! Does anybody have more time?”

if i could stay home

If I could stay home and draw my schedule would look like this:

7:00 am Get up, two kids off to school, devotional/Bible/Pray and then shower

7:30 am Get my other two kids up and ready for school

8:30 am COFFEE!!!!!!

9:00 am Start my day in my studio...yay! Draw, record, edit video, You Tube, Facebook, Blog, Web-site, etsy, ect.

12:00 Eat Lunch

12:30 Watch HGTV...Just kidding...Draw some more. Work on Children's Book, Edit Book Design for Publisher, Sketches for new book, and maybe scan and send final drawings to publisher.

3:30 pm Two Kids come home!

4:00 pm Other two crazy kids come home!

Evenings are ALWAYS full of activities!

Maybe one day...Really? Yes!

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