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The Canticle's Path:

Written by Jennifer Gregory, this book is about a young girl's quest. Available as an E-book. Cover art by Maria Guevara

Available on Amazon E-Book

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Brown Paper Collection

Maria's first pen & ink art collection was put together in one book. She showcases her unique art and illustration pen & ink style with touches of white, gold, and copper on brown paper. This 24-page collection is available now as a Pre Order just in time for holiday gift-giving. 

Available on Blurb

Art and Illustration Book

stone soup

If you were to look upon a bookshelf in Haiti, you would not find books. The Haiti Project is helping change this by providing the children of Haiti educational books. "Stone Soup" will be available in the Haitian language and will soon be available to print in over 500 languages online. Illustrated by Maria Guevara.

Available as an ebook

Amazon Kindle

Children's Book

Welcome home Daddy, love lexi

Military life is hard for children. Even at a young age, they are faced with challenges that they don't quite understand. This is a great book for military families to read and use to build a bridge of understanding. Written by Florenza Lee and Illustrated by Maria Guevara, published by Words to Ponder Publishing, LLC.

Available online

Children's Book

Straighten My Seams, Oh Lord:

Stories of fabric and faith for those who sew…and rip!

Written by Faye Couch Reeves, this collection of stories, memories, musings, and devotions that reflect the art of sewing as part of God's plan. This is not a book about sewing, it is an analogy for a life of faith. Cover art by Maria Guevara

Available on Amazon

Devotional Book

Are there balls in heaven?

Children and parents will love this book full of whimsical images and poetic verse that explains in a new way to children that God wants us to have the desires of our hearts. Celebrating joy and everlasting life, heaven is really a wonderful place. Written by Anne Schechter, Illustrated by Maria Guevara and published by Dreamland Books Inc.

Available Online

Children's Book

What day is it?

Coming Soon! Continue Ty-Ty's Adventures as he learns about the day's of creation. Written by Detra O'toole, illustrated by Maria Guevara and published by Authorhouse Publishing.

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Children's Book

Go on a hidden treasure adventure with Ty-Ty Quackers as he learns biblical lessons with barnyard fun. Written by Detra O'toole, Illustrated by Maria Guevara and published by Athurhouse Publishing.

Available on Amazon

Ty-Ty Quackers and the

Hidden Treasure

Children's Book
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