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watercolor journaling

on the go or on your couch, you can take it anywhere you go and paint!

I enjoy working with watercolor but it is also a challenge. To get the proper technique down takes a lot more practice than most people realize...that is until they pick up a brush and try it out for themselves. Not so easy, was it? This is why I personally encourage my students to start with a watercolor journal. These journals must be specifically for watercolors, however the practical practice of it aids in the best results. You can pick up a watercolor journal from any art supplies store local or on-line. The paper comes in differing weight. I prefer 130 lb, although you will see several in 90 lb, I avoid using them because the pages will buckle. Typical of watercolor paper...the more water you use, the more your paper will buckle, however, if you use a heavier weighted paper, you will have less buckling.

In the picture, I have used a Strathmore watercolor journal, however, it is so easy to make your own journal. Simply take 130 lb watercolor paper. Cut it to size and tape with fun colorful duct tape to make a book. This is not only budget friendly but you can make several and practice a certain item in each or a new technique. The best part is that you have all of this handy journals to look back on rather than a drawer full of loose practice pages or pieces. To refresh your memory, all you have to do is pull out your "Tree" Journal and see what you did. Pretty cool.

“Watercolor Journals are also great due to the ability to take them anywhere you go.”

Watercolor Journals are also great due to the ability to take them anywhere you go. Of course you'll need a travel watercolor kit, like the Koi Watercolor Travel Kit, so you can paint when you get to your destination. I am able to fit it into by bag or purse and use it just about anywhere. The Koi set comes with a water brush that actually holds water so that you don't have to take a jar of water with you. Amazing! I like to take it with to the park. The kids play and I paint...nice. Don't forget your chocolate too!

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