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Contour line art

the beauty of line art and it's simplicity.

Line is one of the 7 Elements of Art and is easy to master because all you do is draw a line. There is no shading or per portion, you just draw a line. Lines are horizontal, vertical, diagonal, straight, curvy, free form, thick, thin, light, dark, implied...see how much fun you can have with just line?!

“Contour line is a line drawing that goes around the edge of an object or each small object to make a whole.”

try it out...

Grab a piece of paper and start drawing the many different types of line I mentioned above and see what you can come up with. After that, take out a new piece of paper and pick one item off of your desk. This item becomes your still life. A still life is just as it object, or a group of objects, that sit very still. The best part about it is that you can set up a still life and come back to it later because it just sits still!!! Set this item, or object, from your desk in front of you and begin to draw only the line you see. Try a vase with flowers, a coffee cup, a stapler, or if you are really adventurous try a pencils holder with lots of pencils, pens, paint brushes, markers and whatever else you cram in there. Just focus on the line and see what happens. And please note that nothing you come up with is wrong! It's just practice and over time your practice improves. I promise.

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