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I'm Maria,

I live in Indiana where I create art out of my home studio with pen & ink, watercolor, and mixed media. I also work on digital art, graphic design, and video editing using Adobe CC. I enjoy making stickers with my illustrations for you to enjoy in my SHOP. I have illustrated several children's books and book covers as well as created my own Inktober coloring books.

My Why

My passion is art and so I went to school to study art and graphic design. Over the years, I have worked hard as an illustrator and artist to find the art I enjoy making and teaching.


I enjoy a challenge! Pen & Ink is seen throughout my art because I love mark-making and I enjoy drawing. It is a permanent medium that has challenged me over the years to relax and have fun with the outcome. Watercolor is an equally challenging medium that I enjoy. Together, these mediums are so fun to work with together! 

I also enjoy breaking the traditional art rules. I believe that once you learn the basics of any art medium, it is time to push the limits and that is why I enjoy mixed media! It is fun and it gives me a chance to explore new tools and techniques!

xoxo - Maria




Let's Talk!

Feel free to contact me about commissions, illustrations, or freelance design work. I limit my work to two commission works per month.

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