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drawing supplies

If you walked into an art supply store today, big box store or locally owned, you would find a variety of art supplies for drawing. Drawing starts with your basic graphite. yes, it is a pencil, but so much more. Graphite comes in a variety of shades from your H to B pencils. H stands for hard lead while B stands for black lead or soft lead. The harder the lead the lighter the mark and the softer the lead the darker the mark. So you will find drawing sets of graphite pencils that range from 2H to 8B. I have even found a 9B which will give you your darkest black. Beyond that you can find charcoal pencils and sticks. Keep in mind that charcoal is very messy. Below you can see an example of the variety of drawing tools available for graphite and charcoal.

Once you have tried out graphite (which by the way, a #2 pencil is comparable to a 2B pencil), you can begin to explore other drawing options. Colored pencils, Pen & Ink, Markers, Gel Pens, and even Sharpie markers are all drawing tools that you can play with. They all give a very unique look and feel to any drawing. Try one out today and see what you can come up with.

Don't forget the paper. There are so many sketch pads available today but not just white paper, try gray, or toned paper too.

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