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HERE WE GO! Inktober 2021... why am I so excited about this year? I'm glad you asked. This will be my fourth year participating in the Inktober drawing challenge that happens in the month of October for all 31 days. Each year I create my own themed list and this year is no different. Below you will find the link to the Dreamcatchers List. Follow along as I post them each day on Instagram       @myartpixie!

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Pre-Order Today!

Pre-orders are open from October 27th until midnight on November 10th. You will receive your order PLUS FREEBIES from my shop!

Grab a copy of my list...

I will also be sharing my process with a video on YouTube every week:

October 1 - Draw with me Day ONE!

October 6 - Days 1 - 6

October 13 - Days 7 - 13

October 20 - Days 14 - 20

October 27 - Days 21 - 27

November 3 - Days 28 - 31

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